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Place a large Weber drip pan in the centre. Find out more about the indirect method of cooking. Place the cooking grid on top: this grid needs to warm up before you can start cooking your food. Use your lid: for indirect cooking, place your lid on top and try stop yourself from peaking at your food. For direct cooking, you can choose whether to place the lid on or not.

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When lifting the lid, lift it to the side rather than straight up so as not to draw ash into your food. Use your vents: if you want to drop the temperature of your Weber, close the vents slightly. This will starve your fire of oxygen. If you want to raise the temperature of your Weber, open the vents. Ever tried roasting a chicken on a beer can? Check out this nifty trick.

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People and Places Brands Events Trends. Insight How it works Tips and skills. Wedding Gifting DIY. Weber basics: how to light the perfect fire Every man should know how to light the perfect fire. Every woman should know how to light the perfect fire. Please note this article is for beginner braaiers. If you know the basics already, you may want to jump straight to learning more about direct and indirect cooking.

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Informally we speak of "burnout", but rarely do we think of the absence of positive emotion as a problem distinct from depression. A wealth of research in the field of positive psychology tells us that emotional and physical well-being are important contributors to our health, productivity, and relationships.

What happens when we cannot tap into happiness, fulfillment, energy, affection, and purpose?

In the case of the portfolio manager, that absence of the positive created a wealth of negatives. He turned to food to feel good and gained weight. That slowed him down and reduced his exercise and energy level. He stopped reaching out to friends and focused more on his work, hoping that doing well would feel good. Seemingly, however, the more he became work-focused, the worse he performed.

How to start a fire in the rain

What stood out in my observation, however, was that he was a bright, experienced money manager-- and he had stopped generating unique, perceptive investment ideas. It was almost as if his creativity and insight waned with his diminished well-being: the ideas he was trading were consensus themes expressed in conventional ways. When I asked about his research process, he expressed little intellectual curiosity.

He described putting in significant work effort, but that effort was driven by routine, not by inspiration. That's when I realized that the portfolio manager was suffering, not from anything he had done wrong, but from what he was trying to do right. He had heard one piece of advice after another imploring him to be disciplined, to stick to his process, to follow endless checklists to ensure he did the right thing.

He succeeded in following that advice--to the point where everything in work became a routine, a to-do item on a list. He had eliminated a great deal of variability in his routines and thereby had eliminated much of life's variety and interest. With no surprises, no novelty, he stopped producing novel ideas.

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The grounding in routine made him utterly routine. That burned out young man lit a new fire when he radically changed his daily set of activities. Think of it this way: the person with bipolar disorder manic-depression suffers from excessive mood volatility and variability.

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  • Burnout is the opposite; it is the absence of mood volatility. Without excitement, without challenge, and without new experience there is little emotional gain and little loss. Burnout is a flatlining of our vital energies. It's the result, not just of too much work, but too much work routine: too many tasks and too few missions. That awareness led us to try a different kind of "therapy".

    He became involved in high intensity workouts at a local gym.