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As long as your not claiming to be a follower of the one true God and are not claiming the saving grace of his Messiah then your behavior is not my business. I can say I once practiced many behavior that I no longer find acceptable, and find shamefull. I give credit for this change to the one true God that loves us all and wants all to come to repentance.

If one wants to change and seeks God for help, he will find a way for you, as he did for me. Big problem here is, like intelligent lawyers do, they may convince you to believe that all you ever learned was wrong and that what they now have to say is essential truth and hence, it is the way to go. In summary, for the sake of our kids who are in great danger of this movement, I still maintain my support for govt anti-gay legislations.

Many regards. Noreligion, From your writing you are obviously poorly educated. Not a surprise. Explain to me at what age you decided to become a heterosexual? Were you so strongly influenced by straight people that you felt that you had no choice but to become straight? People are born either gay or straight.

Sexuality is NOT a choice. I mean, considering all the hatred and negativity associated with being gay, who in their right mind would choose it as a lifestyle? We are who we are. Your children cannot be harmed by knowledge and education unless that education comes from a place of prejudice and hatred, bigotry and intolerance.

Gay people are not evangelists for homosexuality. Gays are not out to convert your children.

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Your children are at more danger from your ignorant beliefs or from that trusted neighbor next door who pays too much attention to your daughter than they are from learning that gays simply want all the same rights and earned privileges your enjoy. There are more non-white people in the world than white people. You talk about not judging governments for passing anti-gay laws; would you have a different opinion about a law prohibiting mixed racial marriage?

Or re-instating slavery? Or outlawing alcohol? U should understand one simple thing here: we all are going to differ on issues of sexuality. Mr David Aris, got it? Left for me and most others, we would have considered even murder and rape as human right. So sad! You can as well, in that context, encourage drug addicts rather than educate them on the danger and gravity of the consequences.

Those who indulge in vices in defiance of the Almighty only dare Him to act and are taking His patience for granted. I can tell you that for free.

In their evolution to fame and wealth, were the rich nations thinking homo? Wealthy,strong and famous empires existed and collapsed with time. Hope you know your history! Curse induced laws are capable of wrecking the economy of the wealthiest of nations and reversing the world order with time,my shallow minded friend! Romans 11vs9 even makes it more grievious for those who revel in riches. For all I know,there is noone called by those names ,and thus can not be the subject of hatred!

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Sanity must prevail over invading demonic insanity. Who cares whether you travel or not. Ha ha, ur such a joke.

Little Known Facts About the Amish and the Mennonites - Wikisource, the free online library

I bet if u came, no one would even notice. So pls stop acting important when your not. Haley, Yes I support you! Safe journey!

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I shall make every effort to support these nations that remain faithful to the truth of life. Those governments that refuse to cave into lies which will give their people over to destruction. Homosexuality is destruction of humanity— a great evil indeed which will prove more deadly than any man-made weapons of war. The west is now the cradle of evil with its many crimes against humanity.. However, homosexual marriage has failed every referendum when put to ballot in most western nations. The courts and the media have forced this on people in a corrupt act of tyranny.

It mandates an act of mass brainwashing directed specifically toward younger generations. Also it must be said that Russia is an Asian nation with three fourths of its land mass in Asia.

All I want... erotica and erotic romance: all titles

The eastern way is far superior to the west which has taken its course of destruction. No one is brainwashed. African and Russian activists are asking for help from Europe and the US.

We did not just go in and decide this was a problem. What is the purpose of a nation ruling its self, yet the West and Europe can do that for them? I am African and we struggled to attain independence from our colonial oppressors because they suppressed the very core of our existence and society. So why should we accept everything they demand of Africa to do yet we gained our independence, for self governance? So how different are they from other human beings?

Must we accept the gays and lesbians just by the mere fact that it happens in America and Europe? America has in the past enacted Anti Christian laws such as that pertaining religious. I have not heard other nations rising up against such a move.

It is sad that, in the name of aid strings attached , we are forced to take in whatever the America and its friends deem to be good. I personally do not hate the gays as humans; they are equally human as I am. They do deserve to live and interact.

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But for people in these 86 nations, what is it that they should know about the LGBT? Why should they take them in? Why should they compromise? How should they treat these minorities? It only heightens the anger and revulsion over homosexuals. I read a comment on this blog whereby someone thought that since these 86 nations have not adopted the LGBT policies, they are backward, poor and their education is of lower value.

This is wrong. Africans and Asians are vastly educated. It is stereotype to think they are not.

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Some of the curriculums used in these nations were taken up from their colonizers; who are the Europeans. How then is it bad? It should be noted that some of these nations lost their cultures and education systems due to colonialism. Who knows if they were any better compared to what they acquired.

Once that is established, and then there will be room for dialogue. Sanctioning, profiling, and imposing bans on these nations only makes it worse and it is no different from what they have equally done against the gays and lesbians. Hate begets hate, love begets love. Yes it is wrong for these nations to imprison homosexuals, infringing their basic human rights. But it should be up to them to determine how to respond to this issue, depending on the set up of their societies, rather than be compelled to accept blindly, and threatened with sanctions.

Thanks for your comment. LGBT people are native-born. I agree that national sovereignty is important, but so are human rights. Where would you draw the line?